Monday, May 17, 2010

Fide House - Moved

It's about time I updated this. I should start by saying that once more we are learning to simply ask for the Lord to direct and for HIS perfect will to be done. The Lord did not answer this prayer request in the way that we might have imagined, but as always, the Lord does above and beyond what we imagine or request.

During his January trip, Dad offered Fide to move into his house there in Villarrica. A little background is in order. Dad built a house in Villarrica while we were living there. We moved into the house about 1980 and lived there until returning to the United States in 1991. Christina and Gerardo lived in the house until they moved to the United States in 2001. After this, Dad put the house up for sale and even though there have been several interested in buying it, it had never sold. As the house was somewhat in disrepair and having had it on the market for such a long time, and after much prayer, Dad decided to ask Fide to move in and take care of the house, rent free.

Fide and the family moved into the house this February. The house is very spacious; four bedrooms, including a master bedroom. Kitchen-dinning room, living room, washroom-pantry and three full bathrooms (including the master bath). It also has what was the garage with Dad's old office. It now houses a couple bedrooms, each with a private bathroom.

Needless to say, Fide and his family are overjoyed to now be living in such a spacious house. The floor plans previously posted may still be used one day, but for now Fide and his family are living in a much much more comfortable situation and are very grateful.

We continue to pray for Fide, his ministry and his family. We also continue to pray that the congregation there in Villarrica will start on the building project for the church.