Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Back Home!!!

Ok, finally have a few minutes to try to catch up on my blogging :)  I will try to recap the last week in Paraguay.  Please forgive if I get numbers wrong.  I will try to correct if brought to my attention.  Also please excuse misspellings :)

:: January 23nd (Saturday)
Spent most of the day out at the camp grounds setting up the sound system.  As I mention, we were able to purchase four speakers.  We also ended up purchasing two speaker stands for now (will need two more), and wiring and connectors.  Bro. Celso had most of the camp equipment in Ciudad del Este and so, Fide and I brought all that with us.

We got most everything set up.  I replaced all the old, pieced together, wires with new wires and soldered new connectors.  We now have four large speakers (12'') and two huge 23'' speakers.  We also have 5 12'' speakers that need new boxes (two for the kitchen, the rest pointing out to the patio).  Last year I took with me a used amplifier to use in the kitchen but we ended up using that for our return speakers.  The return speakers are two speakers that face the musicians so that they can hear themselves playing - this was something that they had been requesting for quite some time.

We also installed three wireless mikes that Bro. Doug had taken.  Worked well into the night.  I have made a list of things we still need for the sound equipment.  Once the camp started we had to do a lot of adjusting.  In a closed building, especially if it has any acoustics, you can set the sound and pretty much leave it alone.  But since the camp meeting area is a two sided building, with the back and one side open, along with a tin roof, the sound is hard to adjust and each speakers needs adjusting.  In the past, I had said that I would not get involved with the sound, and every year I try not to, but when the sound is not good and the people can not hear the word... well, any way, I got involved this time.

I really felt this was from the Lord and I believe he confirmed and helped.  For next year, the Lord willing, we would like to place the sound system in the back so that we can better adjust the sound.  We would also like to get the boxes made for the 5 speakers we have.  Please pray with us that the Lord will supply for this need.  I have seen the Lord supply from Paraguay and I have seen the Lord supply from here in the States.  The instrument does not matter, the SOURCE is the Lord.

:: January 24 (Sunday)
Went with Fide to Caazapa where Bro. Genaro Ullon is pastor.  This is a special place for me as I ministered there and learned much from Bro. Genaro from 1991 to 1993.  We had Sunday school and then drove out to a "ranch" owned by Bro. Alipio and had a baptismal service.  I believe eight were baptized.  Two were from San Juan where Alicia pastors.

After the baptism we headed over to another property where about 150(?) were gathered for a barbecue.  After the barbecue Fide and I headed to the camp grounds to finish up work on the sound system and to help with cleaning, etc.

Worked into the night and I decided to spend the night at the camp to get an early start on setting things up Monday.  I stayed by myself.  It was interesting but also restful.

:: January 25th (Monday)
Up early, spent some time in study and then got to work on the sound again.  This time setting everything up as it should be and testing.  Several arrived in the morning to do last minute clean up and some electrical.  One of the young men prepared a quick lunch... started out to be just for him and I, but ended up being 8 of us :)   First service started Monday evening with maybe 50 or so in attendance.

:: January 25th through 28th

A very profitable time.  A time for Pastors, Sunday School teachers and others with a public ministry to "come aside" for a quite time of study and prayer.  Dad gave two lessons in the morning and one in the evening services.  I gave one hour in the morning and one in the afternoon.  Dad spoke on 1 Timothy and in the evening service "How we view the Cross".  I have a series of lessons on the Song of Solomon.  Not a verse by verse but by topic.  Directed at those in public ministry.  Like: "Ministry versus de Race" "A garden enclosed".

There were about 80 or 90 in attendance, including children.  Not very many children as they were encouraged to leave them at home because there would be no classes for children during these days.  On Thursday we had morning services (3 hours) and that was the close of the Ministers Convention.

:: January 28th through 31st

Family camp started with the Thursday evening service.  There were about 400 by service time.  The weather was also getting warmer.  About 10 ceiling fans helped but not much for the afternoon services.  Once the sun went down for the evening services we actually had to shut the fans off.

The number of people varied, but by Saturday evening there were at least 800.  The building was full and many sitting outside.  On Friday the cooks fixed 1200 empanadas!

Tim and Judy Richards arrived with Mom on Thursday.  They moved into the room I was using which has air conditioning.  I moved in to a room close to Fide and his family.  I had a fan that I had purchased last year in Buenos Aires.  Tim and Judy really enjoyed the services.  Tim especially enjoyed the fruit; mongos, guayaba, papaya, water melon, etc. etc.  They also went to Formosa Argentina and then to the Iguazu falls and Jesuit Ruins with mom.

Very anointed meetings.  There were a total of 5(?) people that accepted the Lord as Savior.  Usualy don't get unbelievers coming to camp but are always happy for what the Lord does.

Dad gave 2 hours in the mornings and I gave one hour in the morning.  I gave one hour in the afternoon.  I had prepared a series on the Song of Solomon similar to the Ministers Convention series but topics like "Let us run" and "The Bride and Fruitfulness", but I felt checked and instead gave the same series as I gave at the Caaguazu camp; "A Place Prepared".

Dad spoke Thursday and Friday night.  I spoke Saturday night.  Sunday we had three morning services.  Saturday night the Lord let me to invite those who were living in sin.  Among those came two of the 5 that accepted Christ as Savior.  Then I invited those who want to receive the Holy Spirit.  Again the Lord led me to emphasize those who are really seeking the infilling and not just the curious.  As we were worshiping the Lord spoke to me that there would be a still small voice and not the expected "mighty wind" of the Spirits moving.  I really felt that the Lord was working something deep and lasting in the hearts of those who had come up.  I don't know if any were filled with the Holy Spirit but the Lord gave me the assurance that through the word and moving of the Spirit he was doing a lasting work; an eternal change.

I could also talk about the heat... but I will leave it at that.  It was HOT!  The Lord was in this trip and I am so very grateful for His mercies, his kindnesses, his love, his patience and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

May we yield more fully.  May we pray more earnestly.  May we work more diligently.  May we wait more expectantly.

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