Wednesday, January 13, 2010

San Pablo, Brasil :: airport

Had a good trip so far.  All flights on time.  Had to run a bit in Houston as they made a last minute gate change.  I actually slept for about 3 hours strait last night... hope I didn't keep the whole plane up with my snoring

Was able to connect to the Internet at the airport in San Pablo and send some messages and even talked to Loida on her break... isn't technology great!

I was hungry, as they only gave us some fruit and a bun with jam for breakfast, so I bought an empanada and a Coke for $7.75.  They did feed us last night... not to worry; chicken and rice and a salad.

I have about a four hour layover here.  It is hot, but not bad in the airport.  It is air conditioned but barely.

Well, I will go ahead and post this and hopefully I have enough time left on my Internet connection.

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