Friday, January 22, 2010

Ciudad Del Este ::

:: January 18 (Monday)

Slept in then spent most of the day working on computer and sound equipment.  Setting up Fide so that he can help with editing the radio broadcasts.  Installed software, etc.  Went to visit Loida's grandmother and other family.  Spent the night at Ambrosio and Reinitas (Loida's uncle and aunt).  Up at 5:30 to drink mate with Reinita and then off to San Juan to visit Alicia and Macario (Pastors).  Helped set up some computer stuff for Alicia.  She will also be helping with the radio broadcasts.

We currently have four broadcasts in the area and one more will be added in the next few weeks.  The Spanish broadcast from Texas has been discontinued after some seven years.  We are now "broadcasting" online at here and editing archived broadcasts for use on live radio stations in Paraguay.

Macario, fixed enough barbecue to feed 20 people and there were only four of us and one child (there might be a reverse parable there).  I felt I had to do my part :-)  Followed by a siesta and then some study for the evening service.  Home about 12:30pm.

:: January 20 (Wednesday)

Spent most of the day Wednesday sick.  Not sure if stomach flue or what.  We had already canceled our trip to Santa Rosa... good thing.  I guess it could be all that PORK I eat.  Did as much as I could in preparing some things for the sound equipment.  The sound equipment at camp leaves much to be desired.  Much has been invested but more needs to be done.  Trust the Lord will supply for some speakers and other odds and ends.  Work for an hour or so and then go lay down and feel rotten :-(  ... oh well... "this to will pass"

:: January 21 (Thursday)
Up at 3:30am.  Heading out about 4:00 to Ciudad Del Este.  This is Loida's home town where her Mom and Dad have lived since about 1974.  Bro. Braulio help Bro. and Sis. Royalty until they returned home (not sure about the year).  Braulio has pastored the church there ever since.  The church has grown to well over 150 in the time that he has been there.

We had a good time of fellowship and a good turn out for the evening service.  I spoke on "Unprofitable Servant" -Luke 17:10, the message I gave at GCC the last Sunday evening.  I had not planned on using that message, but glad I did.  Good service, manifestation of the Holy Spirit and deliverance.

The young people, like myself, stayed after service and had some finger food... like empanadas, milanesas and mandioca... Good fellowship.  Had opportunity to know some of Loida's old Sunday school pupils.

:: January 22 (Friday)
Went shopping in the morning with my mother in law and Fide.  Went to Victor and Eli's (Eli is a cousin of Loida's).  Very precious, active couple who love the Lord.  The Lord has supplied for the purchase of four speakers for the camp.  We had them made by a brother in CDE.  After lunch with Eli and Victor we went by and picked up the speakers and headed home.  This is when we REALLY missed the air conditioner.  Hot, humid, but a good breeze.  So... most of the day traveling.

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