Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Caaguazu Camp :: the rest of the story

Finally have some time to write.  I have had internet connection since Thursday, but no time to write.  At camp usually up by 5:00am for prayer, followed by mate (the hot tea we drink) with my mother in law and others.  Breakfast at 7:00am and first service 8:30.  Three morning messages with a 30 minute recess at 10:30.  Lunch as soon as tables can be set up. After lunch I usually spent some time visiting but I always tried to lay down at least for a few minutes.  Every time I lay down I sleep like a baby :-)

The afternoon service at 3:00pm.  Two speakers, last until about 5:00.  Supper and then evening service at 7:30, so, not much time to visit and take a shower.  No time to study... that's why I do all my studding at home.  So... as you can see not much time to sit down and write or do much else for that mater.

:: January 15 (Friday)

The services were good.  There are many things out of order, but God is faithful and has been overruling all things.  I had some idea of what to expect here, but felt the leading of the Lord to be here.  There is no need for me to get into details of the disorder and carnality.  At some point the Lord calls us to separate from such groups and people, but the Lord very clearly has sent me here at this time in this place.  I am so blessed and humbled and aware of His will and Spirit and wisdom.  It is not for us to argue with the Holy Spirit, but only to obey.  Like Ananias, we do not see the purpose of God many times, but in obedience there is great blessing.

I asked Bro. Braulio (my father-in-law) if I might close the service as the Spirit leads and the Lord was good to anoint and bless.  We had a good altar service.  I believe several received the infilling of the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit just kept falling and falling like a wave.  We finally had to put a stop as it was getting very late.  We never want to quench the moving of the Spirit, but we also don't want the flesh to manifest.  It is so easy to go from a true manifestation of the Spirit to having the flesh take over and disorder ensues.

The Lord spoke to me that I am here to give of the word that which the Holy Spirit has spoken to me and to not get involved in any way.  I am not here to judge or mediate or resolve issues.  I am here to speak the word of the Lord under the anointing of the Holy Spirit.

:: January 16 (Saturday)
Again, same schedule, same speakers.  Morning message was very very anointed.  The evening service I struggled, but we had an even more blessed alter service.  The Lord is teaching me to put my personal feelings and emotions aside and allow HIS Spirit to move.  There is so much, even in spiritual judgement that sometimes we are to leave alone and let God handle.  I don't think Bro. David realizes how much he has helped me by things that he says, both from the pulpit and in private.  I am so very grateful for his ministry.  He may not remember what he said in his prayer that last Sunday evening, but it was exactly what I was going to need.  The Lord is so very faithful to prepare us and equip us for His work if we will only allow Him to.

:: January 17 (Sunday)
Fide and Laura and the family came for the Sunday services.  We maintained the same morning schedule and then we had a baptism.  18 were baptized.  The Lord anointed my Sunday morning message even more than Saturday.  He is SO faithful to speak to hearts and provide opportunities for a closer walk with Him.

Left camp about 2pm with Fide.  We drove to Caaguazu (the town), about a 10 minute drive and shared in fellowship with Archi and Ismael (Pastors). Fide returned to Villarrica, about a 2 hour drive.  We had an evening service, eat barbecue (Paraguayan style) and then Fide came back to pick me up around 11pm.  It was 1:30am before I got to bed.

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