Friday, January 15, 2010

Caaguazu Camp :: First days

The flight from San Pablo was one hour late, but I didn't mind as I was able to get some things done online.  Arrived in Asunción about 6:30pm without any incident.

Noemi (Loida' sister) met me at the airport.  On the way home, Lisa and Gabi met up with us and so I got to see Gabi... and Lisa of course :-)

We had supper, packed up Noemi's vehicle and headed out to the camp in Caaguazu.  We arrived about midnight.  So, about 34 hours after leaving our house in Kansas City I had finaly arrived at my destination.  I took a quick shower and headed off to bed.

::Thursday the 14th
I must have fallen asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow because the next thing I know it was 5:30am.  Some had been up for 5:00am prayer and so I finally went ahead and got up as I couldn't sleep anyway.  Took a shower and had "mate" with Loida's mom and dad.

First meeting was 8:30 with Bro. Alvarenga who gave a lesson on 1 Timothy.  I had the second hour and started a series on "A Place Prepared" (from a message given back home).  Bro. Braulio (Loida's dad) gave the last hour lessons from the track "Sin in the Camp" by Bro. David Franklin.  About 250 in attendance from several different meetings in the area and one ore two from Argentina.

They had rain on Tuesday so, it is nice today... maybe 78 degrees(?) with a cool breaze in the shade and  in the meeting area.

The food is excelent and the fellowship sweet.  The Lord is so very faithfull on all counts.

:: 3:00PM Service
There were 9 specials! (no comment on that).  Bro. Agripino (83) gave the first lesson.  Sis Diana had the second hour.

Supper 6:00pm.
Fide and Laura (pastor in Villarrica) came with all but the oldest boy and brought me a modem so I was able to call Loida and check emails.

:: 7:30PM Service
I lost count, but I think there were 12 specials.  I continued the series on "A Place Prepared".  We had a good altar service.

Tables set up in the main area.  These will be taken down and chairs set up for service.

Thanks for your continued prayers.  No need to get into it, but there are many many spiritual needs and I do SO appreciate your continued prayers

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  1. We have been praying for you and the camp. We have had some viruses on our computer and Dan has helped us through them...we were finally able to read your posts this morning. (I think we're done with Microsoft's been a nightmare.)
    We are glad that you are a safe and that the Lord is blessing all of you.