Thursday, February 26, 2009

What is this all about?

On my last visit to Paraguay I felt led to inquire about the house where Fide and his family are currently living. They are living in what was meant to be the parsonage some day but was never finished. Fide and Laura have a bedroom and the five children share one bedroom while the eldest, Fernando is in what amounts to be a closet. There is no living room and the dinning room and kitchen and warshroom are all in one area.

I will say, before I go on that I know that there are many, even here in the USA that live in similar and worse condicions. I know that there are even some of us that might have grown up in similar sircomstances. That is not the issue. I am also aware that, being the parsonage it is the responsability of the local assembly to provide for their pastor. All of this I am aware of. The issue here is simply that I have felt a burden on this last trip to do what I can to supply what is laking to finish this house and to share with those of you who might also want to share in this burden.

While I was at Fide's we looked at the existing plans for the second floor of the house and what would be needed to complete this project. Since then, I have asked Fide to talk to a brother who is a builder to provide some idea of what it would cost to finish the upstairs. I have asked Fide to break down the cost as follows:
  • walls and roof
  • doors and windows
  • bathrooms
  • floors (up and downstairs)
Will you join with me in prayer that the Lord would supply for this need? I have seen the Lord supply in so many ways. Maybe it will be from the local assembly in Villarrica. It does not mater. This is simply what the Lord has laid on my heart. Several years ago the Lord laid on my heart to pray for a vehicle for Fide and his family. I prayed for many years (and I am sure I was not alone) and had no idea how in the world this could ever hapen. In HIS time the Lord suplied over $8,000.00 for Fide to purchase a vehicle.

So, the reason for this blog is for those who might be interested in this need to pray and keep updated on the progress.

In Christ,
Bro. Randy

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