Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Home, sweet home!  It is good to be home!  I had a good flight home, for which I am grateful.  I have seen the hand of the Lord in every detail on this trip.  Problems? yes!  Difficulties?  yes!  Broken computer screen? yes!  But in ALL things I have seen the hand of God.  And over all an excellent trip.

The "camp" in Buenos Aires was divided into two parts so to speak.  Wensday and Thursday we had services at the church in Chingolo where Charlie Gimenez is pastor.  Then, Friday through Sunday we went out to the camp ground in "La Colonia" where Quico is pastor.

Both Wednesday and Thursday we had a 4pm service with two speakers, 
Bro Juan Ullon (pastor in Asuncion, Paraguay, he is also the one who suffered a heart attack back in March(?) of last year) and myself.  Brother Juan also took the 7pm services.

A good group turned out for these services (about 200).  Many have work and family situations that would not have allowed them to participate if the camp had been held out at "La Colonia" so they were grateful for the opportunity.


Thursday night, after church, the young people were ready to head out to "La Colonia" and set up their tents.  Services out at the camp grounds would begin 8:00AM with prayer at 5:30AM.

It rained all day Friday so they had to put up some more tarp to keep the wind and rain out.  There is also some shade material on both sides to keep the wind and sun down.  It makes for a cool meeting place, but even with this, the sun and wind can be bothersome.

Saturday arrived with sun and wind, but we had to dry out the floor a bit.

I am always impressed with how the cooks, all volunteers, are able to cook such delicious food for so many people.  The last day the testified of the spirit of cooperation and unity amongst them.

Sunday was a gorgeous day.  Sunny with a cool breeze.  After the morning service, Charlie, Quico and I went to see the church building there in "La Colonia".  Last year they had the structure up, but there was much to do before they could move in.  They have now moved in and are having services there after many years of a "home service" in Bro. Sergio's house.

There is still much to do in finishing details and they are waiting to finish some of that before the have an "official" inauguration.

So, the family camp in "La Colonia" ended Sunday around 1:30pm.  A good alter service where I believe some were filled.

After service, we went back to Chingolo where I had time to freshen up, talk to Loida and visit for a bit before heading out to the airport.  I left Buenos Aires at 11:15pm Sunday night and arrived in Kansas City at 4:00pm Monday.

Thank you all for your prayers and expressions of love.

In Christ,
Randy Crook

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