Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Villarrica and rest, rest, rest

I just realized that I did not talk about the Sunday evening service in Villarrica.  About 50 or 60 were in attendance.  I spoke on "New Things - New Mercies" and tonight (Tuesday) I am to speak again.  I will speak on "Luke 18:8 ... will he find faith".

I spent most of the day today resting and helping Fide set up his 
computer.  We also looked at floor plans for finishing the parsonage and the church building.  Fide is living with his six kids in what amounts to a two bedroom house with a large dinning room and kitchen but no living room.

On another note, so you don't think that I'm out here "suffering" :)  I am staying and Ambrosio and Reinita's house.  This would be Loida's uncle and aunt.  I have a private bath and bedroom with air conditioning.

And a quiet cool place to study.  By the way Jim, it is about 70 degrees and in the shade it feels 
like 65 :)

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