Sunday, January 18, 2009

Tired, tired, tired...

Weather 92 degrees, very humid,

We only had about an hour of sleep before we had to get up and shower and head out to Malvina some 100 miles by asphalt and 20 by dirt.  It was truly a time of refreshing both for us and for the congregation.  I was going to bring a message on the "New Mercies of the Lord", but felt led to give the same message as in Chingolo and the Lord confirmed.

This is a rural church of about 50 or 80 believers started by Bro. Esteban about 20 years ago.  A couple of years ago Bro. Esteban's wife became sick and they moved to Buenos Aires, Argentina 
for her treatment.  The church had become abandoned and the work much neglected.  When we were in Bs.As. in January I talked with Esteban and felt that he should return to the work in Malvina, but I said nothing.  At the time he was considering selling his land, including the land 
where the church building was.  Just after we returned from our July trip I received news that he had moved back to Malvinas and that he was building up the meeting again.  There are several assemblies in the area that have no pastor or preacher and Bro. Esteban is trying to reach as many as he can.  Please pray for this assembly and the brethren in the area that desire the truth.

As we sat at the table before Sunday School Bro. Esteban said something that united my heart to him.  We were talking about problems in the assemblies and he said: "all we can do about these issues is pray".  So many are trying to "fix" things and they end up causing more damage.  A praying Pastor is what every assembly needs. 

Many stayed for lunch and we had a good time of fellowship.  There are some real solid people in the meeting.  Praise God  for the faithful, many or few.

Bro. Esteban leading the singing (left).

The congregation in front of the church building

Weather 68 degrees.  it started to rain as we left Malvina
(this is especially for Jim's sake)

We had made arrangements to stop by the church in Caaguazu.  This assembly was started 16 years ago by Ismael and Archi.  Archi, the wife, graduated from Bible School some 20 years ago and she does most of the preaching.  I had promised to stop by when we were here last January, but was unable to do so.  We were blessed and encouraged as we spent a couple of hours in fellowship with them and with some young people who stoped by on their way from the Caaguazu camp. Bro. Ismael was sharing with me how that when they moved there 16 years ago there was nothing.  Just an empty lot.  The Lord brought an engineer into his life who was not a believer but the Lord touched his heart and he started dropping off construction supplies and even sent two laborers to help build the church.  In 16 years they now have a lovely building and a lovely house and most important an established congregation.

The church building in Caaguazu

We are now headed back to Villarrica where we are scheduled to have a 7:00PM service.  I am planning on bringing the message on the "new mercies of the Lord".  We are both very tired as we have not been able to rest yet.  This was not the way I planned it but we trust that He does ALL things well and He will strengthen in body and spirit.

They have been going through a time of drought.  Bro. Esteban said that the last rain was November 7th of last year.  We praise the Lord for the natural rain and pray that He will send a downpour of His spirit upon his people these days.

God bless richly

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