Monday, January 19, 2009

San Juan

It's 11:00PM and we just got back from San Juan.  It was a good day.  

Let me break it down:

7:00AM - woke up and went over to abuela Asuncion's (Loida's grandma) and drank mate with them.
9:00AM - back to Ambrosio and Reinita's (Loida's Aunt and Uncle) where I eat breakfast.
10:00AM - to Fide's, checked email and updated blog
11:00AM - Headed out to San Juan

Sis. Alicia and Macario had an "asado" (barbecue) ready for us when we got there.  

Then we went to see the property where the church will be built.  It is five blocks from where they are currently renting.  Thy have a store in the front and a storage and kitchen in the back where they also hold meetings.

The panoramic view.  So, the middle picture bellow is the property. It is a corner lot.

Kendall has prepared some preliminary plans and we spent quite some time after service going over them with a brother in the meeting who is a builder.  Once we have made some modification with the plans, he will calculate the cost of building.

After looking at the building site we stopped by to visit a new believer who is quadriplegic.  We also stopped by the office that is doing the paperwork for the church property.

We headed back to the house and I was able to lay down for a few minutes, but felt that the Lord would have me speak on a different subject that night so spent the next hour preparing.

Although it was not a church night a good group came out.  There were about 16 adults and 6 children.  This is still a home meeting. But the Lord is "adding to the church daily those who were being saved". 

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