Saturday, January 17, 2009

Layover In Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina
Temperature of 93 degrees and 38% humidity.

Ok, so we plan, but God overrules. I was to arrive in Bs. As. at 7:45AM local time but my flight from Atlanta got delayed from 6:40pm to 8:40pm! So, I missed my connecting flight to AsunciĆ²n.

I continue to learn not to fret about things, especially things that are out of my control. God REALY does know best. I called Loida from the airport and had her call people in Paraguay so they would not go to the airport to wait for me. I then called Charlie (the pastor here in Chingolo) and he came and picked me up. I will speak tonight and then head back to the airport to catch my 10:20pm flight to AsunciĆ²n.

Time for a snak at the Ezeiza airpot in Buenos Aires while I wait for Charlie to pick me up. I had a sandwich and drink for about $10.00 :(

Love and miss all back home.

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