Sunday, January 25, 2009

Isla Vega Camp

Sorry about the delay, but both time and technology are lacking. I do have a broadband G3 cellular modem that does have signal... most of the time. It is a blessing to be able to comunicate with Loida and with the saints back home.

The camp started Wednesday evening at 7:30pm. I spoke on 

“Revelation” as in, the need for us to not only have a knowledge of doctrine but to have a revelation of truth. I don't know how many people were here the first night, but I believe it was more than last year. Over 90 people came just from Encarnacion (the pastor is Samuel Bogado who is Craig's sister-in-law's husband). They came in a chartered, another small bus and Samuel's car.

The Lord is blessing the services and I am also grateful for the cool weather. It is about 86 today but there is a cool south wind so in the shade it is very pleasant. Many have commented about how strange this weather is, but Jim and I know why it is :)

Thursday morning we start with 5:00 prayer meeting followed by breakfast at 7:00 and then the first service starts at 8:00. Children 2 to 11 go to their classes after the songs. There are at least 100 children. I have the first hour and will be giving a series on “The 3D Gospel”. Doctrinal, dispensational and daily (practical).

Alicia (Pastor in San Juan) has the second hour (about 10 to 11) and she is giving a study in Romans. Amazing how the Holy Spirit leads. I was going to give a study in Romans but got stuck in my notes on the introduction to Romans and made it into a series “The 3D Gospel”. Alicia said her heart skipped a beat thinking that I was going to give a study in Romans. She had also considered giving the dispensations but sister Blanca had discouraged her on that point. The Holy Spirit is SO very faithful!

As always, the song services is so good. I do enjoy the singing. Fide changed the format a little to allow for more special songs as there are always so many that want to share in praise and worship. We sing only two congregational and then we give place for specials. The afternoon services allows for five specials with only three for the evening services.

Thursday evening I spoke on “The Power and Privilege of Praise”. Even the first night there were many who came forward to spend time at the altar. As always there is standing room only.

I'm going to go ahead and post this.

I will try to update more later.   Camp is over and I am in Villarrica.  Looks like rain.

Love all


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