Wednesday, January 28, 2009

In Buenos Aires

Weather:  77 degrees with scattered showers.

Arrived in "Chingolo City" (Buenos Aires), Argentina last night.  Had a good trip with no problems.  They did not charge me for my overweight luggage or the usual airport fee.  I arrived in Bs.As. around 9:00pm local time (about an hour 20 minute flight).  I am staying at Charlie's house (Pastor in Chingolo)

Isla Vega Family Camp
An update and some more pictures regarding the Isla Vega camp.  There were well over 700 people Saturday and Sunday.  At least 100 people came each night for the evening service.  The enemy also tried to distract.  Thursday night (previous post I said Wednesday, I have corrected that) I spoke on the "Power and Privilege of Praise" (same message I gave in KC 10/19/08).  Part of the message dealt with Paul and Silas singing in the prison and "the prisoners were listening to them".  That night, after service a young man with his sister were in an accident.  He had not been 
yielding his life to the Lord.  The sister was expelled from the vehicle and seemed to be in serious condition.  She was rushed to the hospital by ambulance along with several from the meeting, including the mother who is the head cook at camp.  When the doctors announced that there was nothing broken there was much praise.  The whole medical center heard the praise and worship.  The "prisoners" heard them praising God.  There is much more detail than that, but the point being that Satan wanted to destroy and distract but by praise, God was glorified and we trust this young man will return to fellowship with the Lord.

So, Wednesday evening was "Revelation", Thursday evening "Power and Privilege of Praise", Friday evening "Home sick (second coming)", Saturday evening "Prodigal Son" and Sunday last service "The non-prodigal Son" and "The Father of the prodigal son".

The morning services I gave "A 3D gospel" including dispensations and some lessons on errors that arise from not understanding and applying dispensations to doctrine.  I gave a synopsis of "To Bless or not to Bless" and "Error of Pleading the Blood".

The evening alter services were very blesses.  Especially Saturday night the Lord seamed to break many chains.  Many were filled with the Holy Spirit although I did not take a count.  Many more received a new and fresh anointing.  The alter services lasted about an hour.  I am always concerned about allowing things to go to long and the flesh starts to show.  On the other hand I see the importance to TARRY for the Holy Spirit.  To often we wait for one or two "waves" of the Holy Spirit and then we quit.  For the most part the Holy Spirit is received after some time of tarrying before the Lord.

I can not begin to express my gratitude to the Lord for His faithfulness and patience.  I had doubts to the very last as to whether or not I should make this trip.  I do not want to make these trips out of habit or something.  But the Lord has confirmed and reconfirmed His will in many ways.  Praise the name of the LORD!!  He WILL be glorified!  If we obey 10% He will bless.  Imagine if we obey 100%  :)  May we learn more and more to yield to His will and be sensitive to the Holy Spirit!

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