Saturday, January 17, 2009

Arrived in Paraguay

It is 3:00AM local time.  We just got to Villarrica.  Will sleep an hour and a half and then need to get up and shower and head out to Malvinas for Sunday school.  More about that tomorrow.

I truly believe the Lord was in my delay, etc.  We had an anointed service in Chingolo and several came up after to express how timely the message was and that truly the Lord was in my being there.  I spoke on Ecclesiastes 3:1 & 11 with an emphasis on waiting upon the Lord. 

After service they rushed me to the airport to catch my flight.  All said I only payed about $30 for having to change my ticket.  I did not have any problems at all with customs, etc.  I had complete peace the whole time.  So my 24 hour trip turned into a 48 hour trip but a blessed one.  Time was not wasted and God was glorified.

I barely made it to the gate in time after spending over 40 minutes in lines through immigrations and customs.  Fidelino and Noemi (Loida's sister) were waiting for me in Asunción.  My plane arrived at about 11:15 (behind schedule) and we drove directly to Villarrica.

I will now "lay me down to sleep" for an hour and try to update again tomorrow or Monday.

Love all and miss all.

PS: I mentioned Rachael, Justin and Jimmy and asked for prayer.

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